Dazheng language-speaking sports
Dazheng will organize all the staff to do language-speaking sports every day at noon. The time of three inspirational songs every day can not only exercise, but help staff to be energetic in the afternoon. Also you can find life philosophy with enjoy the songs, make a clear understanding of the aims in life, the most important thing is to improve the team members’ feeling of the group and to strengthen cooperation awareness, create enthusiasm for the work.

· Click to play video of sign language-speaking
《 Grateful Heart  》Download HD version Grateful Heart   《   Step  by  step    》Download HD version Step by step   《  A Hero Never Dies  》Download HD version A Hero Never Dies
《 Invisible Wings 》Download HD version Invisible Wings   《  I am really good  》Download HD version I am really good   《Walk gracefully onceDownload HD version Walk gracefully once
Everything Red 》Download HD version Everything Red   《  Chinese nation   》Download HD version Chinese nation   《 Start all over again  》Download HD version Start all over again

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